Parrot Bebob Drone

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I was going to post a video of a drone flying around Seattle today, but I came across the official video introducing the new Parrot Bebop drone due to come out later this year, and I thought you folks might be more interested in it.

It features a 1080p HD camera stabilized on 3 axis for smooth filming even in rough windy conditions. It is light weight, easily transportable as it fits in your backpack and it is also very easy to learn how to fly it. You can find more information on the official website, but there is currently no word on the price and release date, although it is thought to cost somewhere between $300-$400, which is the usual price range for this type of drone nowadays. The good news however, is that the Parrot AR Drone might come down in price after the Bebop drone gets released.

The drone, like previous Parrot UAVs, is controlled by the Freeflight app available from the AppStore or Android store. This mean you will need a smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android to control the bebob drone.

Drone model: Bebop
Camera: Bebop HD camera