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Dear visitors,

Here at iDrone Videos our aim is to build a world map filled with drone videos submitted by you! As we are still waiting for a definite ruling on drone flights from the FAA, as you already know, the accessibility and popularity of drones have sky skyrocketed in the past year. More and more of you are submitting some amazing footage, including this one of Humpback whales shot in Maui, and this one of crazy good surfing in Oahu which gained over 100 views in just one day 2 days after our website’s official launch on 12/07/2014! If we weren’t already on a strong server, we would have had to change over.

I’ve got lots of other improvements in mind, including the ability for you to submit your own video OR picture taken by a drone. More to come over the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can help us grow by liking our FB page here and by tweeting about us :). Also, here is the drone video submission page if you’ve got a video you want to share with the world!