AirDog Drone Video

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Although this is not a drone video per se, I felt that my readers would be interested in learning about the new AirDog drone for sale that is currently on Kickstarter but will be available to buy in November 2014 for about $1,500.

In short, as the video above explains it, the drone is capable of following you automatically via the bracelet you attach to your arm. It’s got a flight time of 15 minutes and this means you can take it out on a run, bike ride or even out surfing. The different flight modes mean you can set the distance from which to follow you and the gyroscope integrated in the drone keeps you and the bracelet always in focus.

A lot of people say that it is the most anticipated drone of 2014, after raising almost over 5 times their initial goal. They raised over $1m for building the drone and further development, ready for deployment and sale by the end of the year; perfect for all Christmas shoppers.